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acrobat 1996-2000

Early period eponymous shows

Early acrobat performances (simply called acrobat) were intense and raw with densely-packed physicality and an outright rejection of conventional theatrical protocols. The 5 acrobats exercised an absolute dedication to training technique and all lived together in a two bedroom house in the rural town of Albury, Australia.

In stark contrast to the highly-refined physical skills, production elements were stripped back and performance personas were pointedly unpolished and perfunctory.

Valodya Evdokimov

Master. Loved mentor.

First Acrobat shows Bondi Pavilion (Sydney) January 1996.

Simon Yates

Jo Lancaster

Simon Mitchell

Tim Freeman

Daniel Thew

Andy Bray

Tim Barrass

Pete Murphy

Tim B and Pete

Jo training at the old farm house, 13km out of Albury

Animation made by Tim Barrass with very early footage. The track he's made with it is beaut.

Re-located next to the train line South Albury 1996

crammed into an 800sqm house block

Lee Wilson joined us after seeing us in Bondi.

André Gintzburger saw us on our first jaunt out of Australia to Munich, Palermo, Stockton and Edinburgh in 1997. Thus began a long relationship with André as Acrobat's representative until his death in 2013.

It was a privilege to have had his confidence and support.

Lee, Jo and Simon 1998

Tarred & feathered under a passing train.

On breaks during European tours, we trained and rehearsed at Monthelon.

Jo and Lee take stock on an overnight cargo ferry to Lithuania.

An epic tale lead up to and followed this shot. We will flesh it out in detail some time.

The first leg of Acrobat winds up here.

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