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Smaller - Poorer - Cheaper


After a hiatus of 3 years, acrobat returned with three performers and one musician.

The performance was three consecutive solo sections, each lasting one third of the show. They were highly personal and revealing expressions of the difficulties that each had been facing, presented with a minimalist, cobbled-together aesthetic, but still maintaining a no-nonsense physicality.

‘To make a long story short, smaller, poorer cheaper gives a new dimension to the old quote ‘less is more’. In that case, it’s even better. Essential.’

Jeremy Bernede, Le Midi Libre, 2007

‘Aussies, annoyingly, are often the best at everything, and it would be hard to find artists who are fitter, stronger, or indeed, more crazily daring than these. 

Liz Arratoon, The Stage, 2007

‘acrobat is an exceptional troupe, layering physical skills with multiple implications, playing with our expectations and puncturing our complacency.’ Hilary Crampton, The Age, 2006

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